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Soup Cook Off Out Grows 15,000 Square Foot Room

July 29, 2019
Carlisle Expo Center

The Soup Cook Off has been gaining fans as soup lovers spread the word about the greatest soup fest around. We are thrilled to be outgrowing each venue we move to in order to fit our growing fanbase.

The soup fans have spoken, and we listened.

You know those voting cards you get at the event? The ones that put you in charge of who wins? The back of the voting card features a comment section, which is not taken lightly here at the soup cook off.

My favorite thing to do after each soup cook off is over, is to go over the voting cards because I absolutely love reading the comments! I love this event so much, which means I just can’t wait to hear what everyone had to say about their experience. Since this event is my passion, I am always striving to improve the soup cook off experience. I read every comment.

The overwhelming response from our comment cards was to make it bigger! The last event had a record-breaking crowd at over 800 guests.

Some of the comment cards suggested that we limit the number of guests who could attend. The last thing we wanted to do was limit the number of guests who could come enjoy everything that’s fun about the soup cook off. That would be a “No soup for you,” situation! Unlike the soup Nazi, at The Soup Cook Off, we support plenty of soup for all.

When many similar suggestions came pouring in to allow everyone to continue to enjoy this event, without being crammed in like sardines, it shows how amazing our loyal fans are. We knew we had a decision to make. We were faced with a simple yet complex question. Should we stay small and limit guests or go bigger to comfortably suit the larger crowd. For us, it was a no brainer and we couldn’t be more excited to expand!

From a larger venue to more seating, and of course more soup, we are making our dreams, and our soup fans suggestions, come true. We are moving to a larger venue, which will be double the size of what we could previously accommodate. You want more seating? Done. You want more soup entries? You got it.

If you love choices when it comes to eating, we’d like to invite you to our ever-expanding event. The move to the Carlisle Expo Center will feature more of everything you love about The Soup Cook Off at the same March date we’ve all grown to love.

Not only will this move allow us to fit more soup and chili, it will also give us the space for us to add more fun entertainment to maximize your soup cook off experience. We’ve got great surprises planned for this event, including a children’s corner your kids will love, and new interactive experiences for the whole family.

One of these new experiences we will now be able to offer, because of our new larger location, is a VIP hour. Introducing this new VIP Package has been long requested by our fans. So what’s included, you ask? Our VIP guests will be given a soup cook off mug, soup cook off tray, and will be granted exclusive entry one hour early to enjoy everything they love about the event, with less of a crowd. We are launching this new session at a great starting price, with even more of a discount when taking advantage of our group rates for two or more tickets purchased.

We thank you for your support and can’t wait to see you there.

Soup Cook Off Team