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Over 3,500

Gallons of Soup Served


Soups per event

700 + Attendees

Per Event
Full Soup Tray
Delicious Soups

Are you ready to eat?

It’s not just soup; it’s an experience. The Soup Cook Off is a fun family event that features over 40 of Pennsylvania’s best soups prepared by local amateur and professional chefs. In 2018, the Soup Cook Off was voted best charity event by Harrisburg Magazine Reader’s Choice. For only $15 online or $20 at the door, attendees can sample their share of soup, chili, chowder, bisque and stew. Bookmark our website for great soup recipes and more. VIP packages available.

More Event Information

Upon arrival, each guest is given a spoon, voting card and brochure. Chefs serve soup in 2-3 oz portion cups and attendees can walk around the room, sampling all the delicious soup. Some people challenge themselves to try all forty soups. Others may stick to their favorites, going back for seconds and thirds. Ticket price includes entry into the event, event program, spoon, and voting card.
Soup Samples
After they are finished sampling, guests can cast their ballots to determine which chefs will receive the coveted soup bowl trophies. Our secret ballots allow guests to choose their top three soups in each division. Votes are tallied based on a point system using a computer program created specifically for this event.
1st Place vote – 3 points; 2nd Place vote – 2 points; 3rd Place vote – 1 point
Soup Samples
At our 10th annual event, we added a third division. In addition to amateur and professional chefs, we are now featuring a junior division. We are inviting young chefs to compete on behalf of the charity of their choice. The junior division is open to chefs 17 and younger. This is a great opportunity for parents to get their children involved in charity work and cooking at a young age.
Amateur Chef Trophies
The Soup Cook Off has grown so much since it’s inception in 2009. In 2015, the Camp Hill Soup Cook Off ourgrew its original venue and was moved the Radison. The same year, a second Soup Cook Off was introduced in the fall at the Best Western Premier, making it a bi-annual event. In 2018, we grew even bigger than before with over 700 guests at our events. In 2020 we moved again to a bigger venue at the Carlisle Expo Center.
Amateur Chef Trophies

Over a decade of Soup Cook Off, Amazing!

For ten years, we have featured delicious soup from the area’s best chefs. Here is a look at the history of The Soup Cook Off.
  • 2009
    The idea of a Soup Cook Off was born. The first Soup Cook Off helped raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Most of the chefs were friends and family and a few restaurants. The turn out was good and an annual event was born.
  • 2012
    This was one of the best years for attendance. We started getting a loyal following and many of the professional and amateur are coming back to each event.
  • 2015
    The Soup Cook Off launched its first website. We also added another event in the fall at the Best Western Premier.
  • 2016
    The March event outgrew its original venue and was moved to a 15,000 square foot ballroom at the Radisson in Camp Hill.
  • 2018
    This was the best year to date with record breaking online sales and attendance. We also became part of The AKT Foundation. This allows us to have a direct impact on local people in need.
  • 2019
    It is our 10 Year Anniversary! It has been an amazing 10 years and we look forward to all that is to come in the next decade. This year, we are adding a junior chef division to the event. More chefs means more delicious soup!
  • 2020
    The Soup Cook moves it’s March event again, this time to the Carlisle Expo Center. This event was a huge success bringing in record numbers. It was also the last event before COVID shut down the world.
  • 2024
    The Soup Cook Off is back. With the shut down and problems coordinating dates for the next event, we finally have returned. The first event since COVID will be at the Carlisle Expo Center in March. October’s event will be announced in 2024.

Don’t Take Our Word
Read The Reviews

Melinda G
I absolutely love the soup cookoff! Relaxing and fun, all in one! Amazing soups and vendors! I love offering tarot card readings at this event!!! Can’t wait until the next one!!!
Tania S
I went to the Soup Cook-off to celebrate their 10 years and wow what a crowd. The event was filled with a ton of people and a great variety of soups. Some I have never tried before. There was a fun silent auction including a cake in the shape of a soup bowl and some vendors in the back. Great job to the organizers for a successful event and helping our communities homeless and poor..
Kim I
The 10th Annual Soup Cook Off was awesome!!! The attendance was in incredible!! Maddie and Sami passed out over 900 samples each!! Thank you so much for adding the Junior Division! What a great experience for the kiddos! It was so fun and such a great experience for them to pick their soup, work on and tweak their recipe/taste/flavors and then to present the soup/samples and get reactions from those taste testing!
Doug K
“Wow. Great event this year. The amount of people that came out to support this charity was awesome. I never expected to see that big of a crowd. The organizers did a fantastic job and all the soups were delicious. Kudos to all the chefs both amateur and professional. I will be happy to attend every one of these events and I will bring crowds with me. Thank you for devoting your time to charity. God bless!!!”.
Kathy N
“Amazing!!!! The food, the people,the fun, the atmosphere, and all for a great cause!”
Donna G
“The soup was amazing. The people were friendly! The soup cook off did an amazing job!”
Mark S
“The soup cook-off is a wonderful event. Every year we grow bigger and bigger. Not only is it great fun for the entire family, but we continue to raise more and more money for charities.”
Jodi P
“HAD THE BEST TIME AS ALWAYS!!!! Such hard work . Everyone did such a great job how do you choose! Look forward to the bake off in December and next years cook off. GREAT DAY!!!”

Our pictures are worth 1000 words

What makes the Soup Cook Off so unique is the way it is organized and set-up. Everybody’s goal is to try all the soups, but is that possible? With over 40 Soups prepared by professional and amateur chefs, trying them all is a big goal. The best part is there are no celebrity judges and no judges panel. You, the attendee, vote and help pick the winning soups. Great music from a local DJ, a silent auction and even a mascot or two. Besides the great chefs that make the event, you will find vendors with wonderful items for you to shop.